pondělí, července 16, 2012

Let me introduce to you ...

... my longterm project - it should keep me busy for quite a while, preferably till I die :)

So this is it, the big building in the left centre of the picture. It is the former cow house, built sometime in the fifties, after 1989 used for a while to produce bedding for the pets and when the building and an adjacent piece of land (10.5 ha) was put on the market I fell in love with it and bought it. Since then I'm thinking about a business plan (which is what I need to be able to ask for a grant) and trying to focus on where to start as the potential of the place is huge. It is directly calling for activities like:
  • orienteering (there is a number of mapped areas within 20 km radius)
  • cross country skiing
  • cycling
  • table tennis and other sports, that could promote collectivity rather than individuality on holidays
  • desktop games contests
  • musical get-together (the quality of which will depend on the participants :))
  • agrotourism
  • discussions, communication, presentations - I believe that everyone can have something interesting to say if they want
  • languages - reading, talking and especially meeting native speakers
  • computer literacy courses
  • sewing, knitting ...
  • painting, modelling, paper making, mosaics ...
  • ...
Interested how the project will evolve?
You can follow this blog or send an email to the coordinator.

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