úterý, prosince 31, 2013

New Year's resolution

The beginning of the year 2014 came and with it time for new year's resolutions.

I was never prone to make them explicitly, but it doesn't hurt to change one's habits from time to time.

Being reasonably realistic I'm not starting my list with "I'll climb the Everest" - although I love the mountains this one is far away and too high and I know I wouldn't be able to climb it - nor "I'll dive in the Red sea" - diving never appealed to me though I appreciate others can have a passion for it.

However there are few achievable goals
  • stop trying to be perfect
  • trying to say "no" without qualms
  • acquire a healthy balance between the physical and intellectual activities complemented by sufficient relaxation doing nothing
These basic rules should help me to achieve more complex goals I have in mind such as trying to convince my fellow Czech citizens that to have a functional democracy we all need to participate and stop waiting for a hero who will do everything for us.

During this long term procedure I need to be prepared for some rudeness, some may send me to the hell, some to the ass (jdi do p****e ~ f**k you) ...
Since the last day of 2013 I can reply "thank you, but I was there already". The rock formation "Prdel světa (Ass of the world)" also called "Ďáblova prdel (Ass of the devil)" can be found in the nature park Česká Kanada.

Have a great year 2014!      


úterý, prosince 17, 2013

Christmas muse


Christmas is (are, whatever) around (behind, whatever) the corner and it usually makes you think ...
about the year so far, about the year coming, about ...

and at some point you just do not want to think anymore, you just want to live your life ...

Is it possible?
I guess so ... if you accept some constraints ...

For example it is not possible to live the life as if you were 20 (30, 40 ...) if you are almost 40 (50, 60 ...). The age will catch up with you whether you like it or not.

Also it is not a shame to say "no, I can't do this or that" because you grew up in a family (country) where it wasn't allowed to complain.

Some can survive without noticing the stress,
some even look out for some adrenalin to survive,
some get sick ... and I mean really sick (lymphomas and other types of cancer that can be cured, but getting the life back is like coming out of prison).

For the year 2014 I wish everyone could live according to his/her own needs as trying to live to someone else's expectations is a burden whether the expectations are voiced or not (eg. imaginative).

Have a great time everywhere!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

neděle, prosince 01, 2013

Writings and the incidental (mis)understandings

In the past few decades we have seen a huge boom of writings in the connection with the development and grow of the World Wide Web. There are traditional books, newspapers and magazines, but also the number of websites and blogs is growing, Seems that almost everyone with the ability to read and write does.

This is great!
The technology makes it easy to spread the information fast and worldwide, but are our brains ready to make some sense of it all?
After all not everything is applicable everywhere and for everyone. Take the weather forecast around the globe - what is the weather like say in Panama would only interest me if I were to spend holiday there which is very unlikely.
Of course, I still ask google first if I need to know where is the country talked about in the news, that's exact and there is only one answer - although it usually appears on many different pages and in many different formats ;). For more complex questions where expert or local knowledge is beneficial I would rather ask the expert - or whom I consider expert in te field in question and better in face-to-face conversation, because trying to clear up anything by e-mail usually leads to more confusion on both sides of the line. Needless to say that it is frustrating if you - as a sender - consider each word and its place in the sentence and after getting a reply you realize the recipient clearly took from your carefully written mail completely different meaning.

This is quite common I think as only 7% of the meaning is in verbal communication and the reaction to the e-mail sent is not immediate. You write an innocent "have a good day" mail in a good mood after the breakfast, but the recipient reads it after a dispute with the boss at the time the l'esprit d'escalier takes on and you'll be the one shouted at. Yes, it is not fair, but ...

To avoid such misunderstandings the mailers should have a sensor and refuse to send or read a personal e-mail in case of person's bad mood. Words are like arrows and can't be recalled.

However, do we want to have so much control taken over by the computer programs? 
What do you think?
Did you have a moment when you thought "oh shit, I shouldn't have written it" or the opposite "oh shit, does the sender think I'm a complete moron"?
If so, did you let it fade away or tried to come clean?